Newborn session (Shira, Dave, A, & J) – Providence, RI

And the award for the Most Understanding Clients of the Year goes to: Shira, Dave, and their darling loves. They have been granted this award based on their reaction when I called them about 15 minutes before our scheduled session to tell some good news and some bad news. The good news: I had just gotten off the highway in Providence and was close by. The bad news: I just realized that while I thought I had everything we needed for their newborn shoot, I had forgotten two *rather* important things – my cameras. My frantic plea to the local camera shop proved unsuccessful so I drove home and then back again for an afternoon session instead of a morning session. They couldn’t have been nicer about the whole thing. (For the record, this has never happened to me before and I plan to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Pending further investigation, I’ll blame it on “school-morning distraction” and “caffeine ineffectiveness.”)

Once I did arrive with all necessary gear, it was easy for me to see that the patience and understanding they extended to me is just the way that they are all the time. Big sister was napping at the beginning so we were able to focus on the adorable new baby a bit. He is just a love. Once his big sister woke up, she was able to show off her books, her lovey, and her rock-climbing skills on their newly finished indoor rock wall (yes, you read that right).

Shira and Dave, thanks so much for sharing your family with me for the afternoon (even though it should have been the morning). Wishing you so much joy and lots of solid naps.

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