Kidcasso Art Studio

I’m excited to announce a wonderful new partnership with Wakefield’s very own kid art studio, Kidcasso. Kidcasso is owned by Laura-Marie Small, an engaging and enthusiastic local mama of two. She and her sister, Emily, run classes in the studio for children ages 6-months all the way up to high school. Throughout the past two months, I’ve had the privilege of photographing one class session for each age group. The creativity, sensory experience, and learning that I witnessed was inspiring and appropriately varied for each class. Little ones got to drive toy cars through their puddles of paint. 3-year-olds made marks on their canvas with plastic forks. Preschoolers created cupcakes out of clay and then painted them. Elementary-age kids learned about how to create movement using dots and layers of paint. Middle-schoolers sculpted giant ice cream cones. And the older crowd worked intensely on self-selected personal projects that were quite impressive. If you’re looking for some art time for your little (or not so little) ones, check this place out. Side benefit: you don’t have to wash out the paintbrushes.

Laura-Marie, I so enjoy working with you and look forward to what lies ahead for us!


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