portrait Sessions
your favorite park,
the beautiful beach,
Real prettyshimmering lightthe

Her eyes look just like her daddy's, his tuft of hair is something

you secretly (or not-so-secretly) treasure, + your heart melts when she reaches for your hand.

so fast.growThey

There's a special place in your heart that you can actually feel

when you see the sun hit her curls, their joy is something you

want to bottle up so you can take it out on a rainy day,

+ you dream of finding a way to slow the passing of time.

your beautiful connectioncapturelet's + their wonderful
(though sometimes challenging!) personalities
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Kids are not designed to sit still. They like to run, sometimes going in the *exact* opposite direction you want them to. No worries - having fun is a good thing!
my squirmy kids
won't sit still

I feel you, I do. We are our own worst critic. BUT, it's so important for your kids to see photos of YOU! Now and in the years to come.
I don't want to
be in the photos
Something comfortable, now is not the time for new shoes. But it's also not the time for busy prints/graphic tees. Solids work great; add a layer or fun texture + you're good to go!
It's all good stuffBut..
I don't know what
everyone will wear
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