photo credit: Sharon Reiley

I can parallel park like nobody’s business.

I kiss my kids goodnight before I turn in.

I’m a night owl, especially if I’m editing.

I *can* be a morning person, with coffee.

I play Scrabble with my husband.

I have three sisters who know me better
than just about anyone.

I say “bless you” to strangers when they sneeze.

The sound of my kids’ giggles brings me joy
like no other.

I miss my mom. Every day.

My closest friend is someone I’ve known since
I was 14.

I will opt for sushi ANY night of the week.

I prefer driving a standard.

My mom couldn't stand when people called me "Steph." (And it's stuck with me.)

Confession: I don’t understand Pinterest.
my husband
our kiddos
good coffee
my three sisters
good wine/beer
dear friends
tennis lessons with mom friends
autumn weather
fresh picked blueberries
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(just north of Boston)