Mini-documentary morning session (Sarah, Mike, & W) – South Boston, MA

So. Much. Effort. Have you ever watched how much effort little kids exert while trying to master a new skill or do something a parent can do with ease? It was apparent throughout this mini-documentary session with one special family of three, soon-to-be four. Throwing hoops, stretching out one of those tube/noise-maker thingys (what are those called, anyway?), jumping off the couch, riding his scooter, and blowing bubbles (it’s harder than you think for little ones) – so much energy was spent on these activities. You could see how proud he was after each attempt as well as the drive to try again.

From the giant wake-up smiles (what toddler wakes up that happy???), to the shirtless breakfast (because, syrup), from the helmet obsession to fun bubbles, little W lit up my morning. He’s going to be an awesome big brother; what a lucky little sister-to-be.

I just loved spending some quality time with you, Sarah and Mike! Thanks so much for taking a chance on a documentary session. What a simply perfect way to mark the end of your time in Southie. May the adventures ahead of you (new home, new baby, new job!) be filled with joy and discovery.

photographystephanie goryl

stephanie [at] stephaniegorylphotography [dot] com

Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)