Family portrait session (Suzanna, Nick, J, & J) – Gloucester, MA

When I first met older brother J a few years ago, he was not so sure about me or my cameras. Really, he didn’t want anything to do with me (though we managed to get some cute ones of him regardless). Now, we’re buddies. Now, he will jump over on demand with all his might to show me how high he can get. Now, he holds his little brother’s hand (who’s also not quite sure about my cameras) and quietly assures him that I don’t bite. Little J, on the other hand, appears *as if* he’s going to bite (or lick?) big brother J, but apparently, he just has to work on his smooches a bit.

Suzanna and Nick, what a fun evening on the beach! Nick, I’m guessing you’re still finding sand from little J’s shovel action. Thanks so much to both of you for sharing your little loves.

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