Family portrait session (Shannon, John, C, & C) – Danvers, MA

It’s remarkable just how kind-hearted some people are in this world – truly. When I heard from Shannon a few weeks ago, she humbly re-introduced herself as if I would have forgotten about this session we did a couple of years ago when her father was sick. There’s no way I could have forgotten this session. Ever. And so we met again this year for a photo session, only this time it was without her father. The kids have gotten bigger and they run a bit faster now. Shannon’s mom was able to join us for some fun, too.

One thing remains the same: their kind-hearted nature. Shannon did something during our session that a client has not done before – she took a couple of photos of *me* walking with her kiddos as we moved from one spot to the next. She sent them to me the next day along with the sweetest sentiment: “We all really enjoyed yesterday- the kids especially. They were talking about you all day. I snapped some photos as it really warmed my heart to see my kiddos connecting with you! Thank you again – I hope you have someone to give to your family what your photography gives to ours!”

Shannon and John, thank YOU for the opportunity to see the beauty of your loving family through my lens once again.

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Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)