Family portrait session (Jessica, Rich, E, & C) – Winchester, MA

It was one of the first cold snaps of the season and our plans for an outdoor session went out the door, or rather, in the door. We instead did an indoor session in their lovely home, getting some family portraits and then letting the girls do a little Christmas craft. It turns out that while both girls enjoy Christmas and the man in the red suit, the littlest one finds it unsettling that he comes down the chimney, or even comes into your house at all. So, they leave a kind note for the big guy and ask that he leave any and all gifts for them outside. Mom and dad then promptly bring them inside in the morning. What a brilliant compromise (and totally logical thought process)!

Loved seeing you all again, Jess and Rich. Your girls are simply adorable, as always. Oh, and you have such great back yard neighbors, too – who knew that my former boss was your neighbor!

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Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)