Family portrait session (Kerri, Bob, A, L, & J) – Rockport, MA

It was like going back in time, except the kids were older, bigger, and much wiser this time around, but just as fun as it was the first time I photographed them on the beach about four years ago. While the temps during our session were probably about 20 degrees cooler than most of the other countless summer days they have spent on this beach, they still managed to have fun in the waves and get soaked to the bone, which promptly left them cold and ready for their sweatshirts. The cost of good fun!

Kerri and Bob, thanks so much for sharing your lovely beach with me! Time is an especially funny thing when it comes to kids – I cannot believe how old and beautiful they all are. What a privilege to get to see them grow and change over the years!

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Wakefield, MA

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