Family portrait session (Jennifer, Matt, S, N, & A) – Reading, MA

With twin sisters, big brother knew exactly where to stand for a sibling photo without any direction – directly square in the middle. He seemed quite comfortable there, more so than most older brothers may be, balancing the differences in personalities between the two girls delicately with charm and humor. There’s one who doesn’t really care for kisses, and one who is openly more affectionate – both are undeniably sweet and kind. And while I’m sure all three kids all hear about how much they look like “mini-me’s” of their parents (it really is incredible!), they are clearly each their own person, carefully carving out their own space in this world at a faster pace than their parents want while Jennifer and Matt guide them gracefully along the way.

What a pleasure to be able to photograph you all again! The kids may have changed a bit since our last photo session and have grown exponentially since the first session, but you two seem to not have aged at all!

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Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)