Family portrait session (Katja, Brad, and Z) – Brookline, MA

She came with purse and princess (mermaid?) in hand, glitter shoes on her feet, and the cutest smile on her face. She ran back and forth, and back and forth, trying to tackle (and once succeeding) her adoring parents. She peeped through some leaves, and then threw them at said parents. Her curious nature is endless and she has the energy to match it, happy to go anywhere her spirit takes her: up and down the hill, over this way and that way, and *almost* always towards the open arms of her mom or dad.

Sven and Anna (check out their fun plan for Halloween in a pic below)… I mean, Brad and Katja, it was so great to see you all again!

photographystephanie goryl

stephanie [at] stephaniegorylphotography [dot] com

Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)