Family portrait session (Christina, Phil, and E) – Andover, MA

Little one? Yeah, you with the cute pom pom hat, and the cute face that’s telling us that it’s just too cold for you to be outside? Let’s go inside and warm up and play with your toy piano and get some snuggles from your grandma, OK? OK. Oh, and you can play with your sock bin, too. Sound good?

This sweet little baby seems to be enjoying her new home while her parents are enjoying the task of figuring out what furniture they need. Lucky for them, they still have a *little* time before she’s mobile so they can figure out how to childproof all their new cabinets/stairs/etc. Christina and Phil, congratulations on your new home and your adorable baby! Thanks so much for rolling with the chilly temps and sharing your afternoon with me!

photographystephanie goryl

stephanie [at] stephaniegorylphotography [dot] com

Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)