Newborn session (Lesley, Bradley, and N) – Melrose, MA

Never before have I seen a newborn smile as much as he did during our session. He also made THE most adorable sad face, the kind that’s so sad that you can’t help but make an audible “awww” when you see it. The fact is, no matter what kind of expression he was making, he was irresistibly cute. Aside from a newborn baby, Lesley and Bradley have a lot going on around them with a complete renovation of their home, two dogs that love them, and visits from family from afar.

Congratulations, Lesley and Bradley, on your beautiful baby boy! What a joy to meet you all. Wishing you lots of strong coffee and long-lasting naps for all.

photographystephanie goryl

stephanie [at] stephaniegorylphotography [dot] com

Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)