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Family portrait session (Crystal, Greg, E, + T) – Wakefield, MA

This session felt a little different than last year when they had their dog, Bruno, join in for the last part. Sadly, he passed away earlier this fall and they are all missing him. But they still brought along their infectious smiles and cuteness factor. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer fall day!

Crystal and Greg, thank you so much, especially this year, for your trust in capturing your awesome family!

Family portrait session (Suzanna, Nick, J, + J) – Winchester, MA

If there ever was a need for a pair of siblings to display brotherly love, you’ve come to the right spot. These two! They melted my heart with the unprompted hugs, and not just regular hugs, but the kind that are full-on-monkey-hugs where it’s not just the arms, but the legs, too, that wrap around + hold on. In a time where even us adults are unsure of what the rest of the year will look like, this is the time for holding on – tight!

Suzanna + Nick, kudos to you both for navigating this year with skill + determination. Thank you for sharing your heartwarming kiddos.

Family portrait session (Tracey, Chris, O, + J) – Winchester, MA

These little dynamic personalities are busting out of these two cuties. It seems they are 100% sure of the things they want to do + are determined to make those things happen. You go, girls! Your strong drive for independence + confidence will take you far.

Tracey + Chris, bravo on surviving this crazy year! Thanks so much for trusting me to capture your littles once again.

Family portrait session (Lynn, Greg, + crew) – Winchester, MA

With four kids in three different school situations, Lynn and Greg have their hands more than full this year. From high school to elementary school, they are juggling a lot of various schedules, negotiating many demands, and yet they are still smiling with one another.

Cheers to you, Lynn and Greg, for seeming to manage it all with grace, humor, and love!

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