Creating more than just a disc that collects dust

Do you ever get so busy that those things on your to-do list that are important but not logistically life-changing (i.e pick up milk vs. update baby book) get put off for longer than you ever thought? I had a client tell me at her daughter’s Christmas shoot that she had meant to get prints of the images from our 6-month shoot but sadly hadn’t yet gotten around to it; her daughter was then 18-months old. Life gets busy, especially with kids. It made me a bit sad for this person who had gone through the steps to have professional photos taken of her daughter and yet had nothing to show for it on her walls. I’ve also had many clients ask where to get their images printed someplace “nice” vs. a consumer lab (i.e. Shutterfly, CVS, etc.).

So, I took the plunge this past winter and have partnered up with a couple of wonderful professional print labs for photographic prints and canvases! I am in LOVE with the products and am committed to providing my clients a more full-service experience. You can see the new structure and all of the options for prints, canvases, and disc of images on the Pricing page. I can’t wait for you to be as blown away by the difference in prints as I am!

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