Mini-documentary session (Alyssa, Adam, & S) – Newburyport, MA

Warning: Shameless gushing over my littlest nephew ahead.

I can’t stand it; he melts my heart. The way he seems to smile constantly. And the *way* he smiles, like there’s unbounded love and joy in his heart (except for when he’s getting a new diaper or getting dressed). He’s just *too* adorable for words. Am I right? My littlest nephew turned one a couple of weeks ago and he’s a love. I’ve known this little guy since minute one and he continues to find a way to make my heart grow.

Alyssa and Adam, congrats on surviving the first year! May you notice his “lasts” as much as his “firsts.” May you hold back the tears when you realize he’s outgrown the “baby section” of the clothes store. May you have good baby-proofing abilities. May you never wake up one morning and realize you don’t have coffee in the house. May you always remember the way he looks at you right now – with that melt-your-heart-smile.


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