Extended family portrait session – Boston, MA

Last year when I met this family, there was one baby and one slightly unhappy toddler who really didn’t want to take off her snowsuit (even though there was no snow). This year, there was a baby (new baby), a toddler (the former baby) who was fascinated with the ducks, and a running kiddo (the former snowsuit-wearer). Seeing families grow and change over time is one of the best parts of my job. It may sound cheesy, but it truly brings joy to my heart when I see a new sibling, or see how the once immobile baby takes charge of the direction of everyone. Because in between the kid-wrangling and redirection, there is love, and it is boundless.

We checked out the ducks (more than a few times), ran around a bit, and tried to avoid the yellow caution tape that seemed to do nothing but attract little C’s attention more than anything. I loved seeing you all again, Katie, Chip, Jill, & James! Thank you so much for sharing your morning with me.

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Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)