Extended family session – Winchester, MA

Chris is a long time friend of my husband’s from the way (way) back machine. He and Meredith got married last year and that’s when I first met some of her family. Now, Meredith’s mom has all of her kids happily married and four adorable grandkids. This summer seemed the perfect time to get together for some family portraits. Meredith and her two brothers, Paul and Matt, grew up in this area, and some still remain there, but this was their first time all together at this farm. After all of the group photos were done, we got some solo shots of the little ones. See if you can pick out the one who was not *so* fond of this idea – though we eventually got her to come around! After that, the kids roamed around a bit and did some exploring. They got a big kick out of the green colored pond and checked out the goats, too.

Chris and Meredith, thanks so much for thinking of me to photograph your family and thanks to all of you for a fun session. (Chris, I’m still getting used to calling you by your first name; it’s going to take a minute.)

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Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)