Extended family portrait session – Winchester, MA

“Remember that time when we were little and Grandma and Grandpa wanted to take photos of our whole family? I was a baby and you were maybe 2 or so – remember that one where I made that sad face at you and then you just sat there and looked at me?” says future 14-year-old to cousin to future 16-year-old cousin. Extended family portrait sessions are beloved since they can mark a family in a time and place that they will forever remember. They can also be full of stories that will be told for years down the line, causing a teenager to blush, or an uncle to laugh out loud. This lovely family came together on an early weekday morning to capture their family as it stands today – with two littles who, though they may not remember the session itself, will have a few gems to hold in their back pocket to show at family parties (or to boyfriends and girlfriends!) along the way. We didn’t get much time to roam around the farm, but we definitely got our full share of experiencing the goats!

Tara and Dean, Shavawn and Chris, Ryan and Jill, it was so wonderful to meet you all and see the budding personalities of your two little ones!

photographystephanie goryl

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Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)