Newborn portrait session (Jill, Jeremy, & baby J) – Stoneham, MA

Baby J – oh, sweet baby J! You are so little and adorable and made to look even more little and adorable in the palm of your dad’s hand! The ability for Jeremy to hold his son’s whole body in one arm, his tiny head resting comfortably and completely in his palm won’t last long, so we seized the moment. We also giggled at the moment when little J needed a diaper change and did what so many little baby boys do when they get a diaper change. Yup, you guessed it. Jill and Jeremy were good sports about the whole thing and baby J seemed, well…relieved. While these two busy, entrepreneurial parents get accustomed to this new chapter in their lives, they sure have a good dose of baby cuteness to enjoy.

Jill and Jeremy, congratulations again on this new bundle of love in your lives. Wishing you daytime naps, tender smiles, and strong coffee!

photographystephanie goryl

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Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)