Family portrait session (Tracy, Dean, A, D, & L) – Winchester, MA

You know how this goes, right? Tracy had a mini-panic attack the night before when she realized the kids didn’t really have anything to wear for the photo shoot. Me: “Don’t worry, just keep them comfortable. They are adorable just as they are.” Their oldest had a 7am hockey game in Cambridge the morning of the shoot; our shoot was at 8:45am. The middle one had to find a bathroom 10 minutes into the session. The oldest one needed to “go” about half way through. The littlest one, well, she just wanted to check out the goats. And the grass was wet from dew and made everyone’s shoes soggy. BUT. But, just look at the family hugs at the end here! There is palpable love and gratitude for what they have, even more so this year. Tracy lost her father about 5 months ago and despite all of the stress that comes with rallying the troops for family photos, she will be able to look back at these memories on this day and hear her father’s words echo in her heart, “You are a good mom, Tracy.” Hugs to you and Dean, hugs to your adorable babies. And thank you so much for trusting me with these moments. 

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Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)