Chill morning session (Laura-Marie, Chris, S, & T) – Wakefield, MA

The tree was trimmed, the kids were happy playing video games, Laura-Marie was her usual chipper self, and Chris was totally chill while handling the emergency visit from the plumber and the plumbing issue taking place in the basement. Ahh, home-ownership! However, after said issue was resolved, this endearing family hung out in their normal fashion – a little art, a little gaming, a little drumming, and loads of tickles. And all of them dressed ever-so-stylishly in shirts from The Merry Lion, a local shop that has the most adorable stuff!

Laura-Marie and Chris, thanks so much for letting me capture all of your chill and and all of your fun – always so much fun.

photographystephanie goryl

stephanie [at] stephaniegorylphotography [dot] com

Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)