Trimming the tree documentary session (Rebecca, Owen, H, & M) – Southborough, MA

The Christmas music was playing, the tree was standing there twinkling, ready to be decorated, and the kids were chomping at the bit. Big brother was excited to rediscover the ornament treasures he remembered from years past: the one with his handprint when he was a baby, the one he made in kindergarten. Little brother, in that loving little-brother-way, insisted that his R2-D2 nestle *right* next to the BB-8 belonging to his big brother. Afterwards, they celebrated with a little hot chocolate and marshmallows (maybe more marshmallows than hot chocolate). Oh, and a little bit of whipped cream…right…down…the…hatch! The afternoon was topped off with a little piano serenade and some fun family photos.

Rebecca and Owen – I LOVED photographing this moment for you all. It will change, year to year: who puts the star on top, who finds that ornament from that certain trip, the photo ornaments of loved ones as they look younger and younger in the images, and the stories told of the one(s) that were broken and glued back together. I’m thrilled that you have these images that will take you back to this time and space, year after year.

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Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)