Family portrait session (Rachel, Drew, A, & C) – Brookline, MA

A couple of years ago, big brother A was not so excited about getting his picture taken. But this year, he popped out of their car with his own fancy camera and took a photo of ME! So cute. As for little sister, her mom warned me she might be a little tricky this morning, but I did not expect her to be *so* suspicious of me (check out the side-eye)! We all had a few laughs, though, as we walked through the park and caught up on the joys and challenges of parenthood – how fast the preschool hours fly by and yet how long some of the days feel, how different personalities shine through at different times, and yet how similar siblings can be, too. Through it all, though, Rachel and Drew seem to always make it clear to their kids just how much they love them, just how much they adore and care for each of their curious, happy, and sometimes contemplative kids.

It’s always a joy seeing you all! So happy for your new 4-legged baby to have found such a loving family. Thank you, thank you for trusting me to capture some of your family’s special moments.

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Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)