Senior portrait session (Nicholas) – Winchester, MA

He is kind and well-grounded, confident without being overly so, and isn’t *too* shy showing affection to his parents. It seems to baffle him as much as it does his parents that he’s actually a senior in high school. He loves the family dog, Boomer, and, if nudged, would likely admit that he loves his “little” brother, too. He’s trying football for the first time this year (and has the elbow bandaged up to prove it), because if not now, when? Man, I could wax poetic about the passage of time, about how absolutely crazy it is that this kid… ahem, young man, is a senior in high school, but I will let the last image in this post speak to that. It’s from 2011, the first time I photographed this family.

Cara and Dick, thanks for trusting me through all of these past eight years (!) to capture your awesome crew (and for hiring me even when my photography skills were clearly still developing!). Best of luck to you, Nicholas, in your final year in high school. You are off to do great things!

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Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)