Extended family portrait session – Brookline, MA

It was her birthday, the big-time, full-hand, 5-year-old birthday. She arrived on the scene riding her scooter, along with her little brother, also on his scooter donning a much-loved helmet (that took a little distraction to have him take it off). Then the cousins arrived along with their grandmother, aunt, and uncle. All was good and fun until she fell on a super prickly, opened up, acorn-like thing (there were lots on the ground – what are they?). Mom with the bandaid to the rescue along with ditching the ripped and bloodied tights. And then she recovered, with the help of her parents, brother, cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandmother – they provided more fun, distraction, and, oh yeah, cake!

All the kiddos decided that their favorite thing at this particular moment was to be swung around and around – and around. Then they decided that they wanted to fly. Yup. It very well might be that the parents got dizzier and more tired than the kids, but it seemed all had fun. Thanks so much to all for sharing your special day!

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Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)