Family portrait session (Gail, Allan, E, & E) – Danvers, MA

The foliage has been amazing this year! This family got to take a morning to take in all of the colors and crisp air as we walked around the park and chatted about how school was going and how sometimes (all the time?) life can be busy with two kiddos. Big sister takes dance and had just performed at the Topsfield Fair, tickled about how strange it was that they had to change in a kitchen! And little sister plays soccer so their weekends are full. I know the routine of it all – the cleats, leotards, uniforms, costumes, snacks, water bottles, change of clothes, and *energy* that gets packed into all of these activities is exhausting and fun and memory-making and smile-producing – and it’s all worth it.

Gail and Allan, thanks so much for spending the beautiful morning with me! So nice to see you all again.

photographystephanie goryl

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Wakefield, MA

(just north of Boston)