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Calling all mamas for a night of fun!

Hey everyone, I’ve got some exciting news. You know that shiny camera you have with all the whistles and buttons? Want to learn how to use some of those whistles and buttons in an intimate class among fellow mamas who love to snap snaps of their littles just like you? Let’s do this. You and me at Kidcasso. May 10th. It’s limited to 10 students so get in on the action and sign up with a friend.

Ahem, and husbands – this would make a great Mother’s Day gift (it’s thoughtful, unique, AND a night out for your #1).

Check it out:

Photography 101 for Mamas

Kidcasso Art Studio

I’m excited to announce a wonderful new partnership with Wakefield’s very own kid art studio, Kidcasso. Kidcasso is owned by Laura-Marie Small, an engaging and enthusiastic local mama of two. She and her sister, Emily, run classes in the studio for children ages 6-months all the way up to high school. Throughout the past two months, I’ve had the privilege of photographing one class session for each age group. The creativity, sensory experience, and learning that I witnessed was inspiring and appropriately varied for each class. Little ones got to drive toy cars through their puddles of paint. 3-year-olds made marks on their canvas with plastic forks. Preschoolers created cupcakes out of clay and then painted them. Elementary-age kids learned about how to create movement using dots and layers of paint. Middle-schoolers sculpted giant ice cream cones. And the older crowd worked intensely on self-selected personal projects that were quite impressive. If you’re looking for some art time for your little (or not so little) ones, check this place out. Side benefit: you don’t have to wash out the paintbrushes.

Laura-Marie, I so enjoy working with you and look forward to what lies ahead for us!


A final nudge from a friend

Jill-0734The house was so crowded that you couldn’t walk from one room to another without literally bumping into a dozen people. And each “excuse me” and “oh, did you meet…” was met with an endearing, joyful, or silly story. It was a testament to who Jill was, to who her husband is, and how their son will be loved forever. I left the shiva with my heart sad yet full of love. And my head was swirling.

Jill-1091Several weeks ago I received the news that Jill had passed away. Jill was dear to me not in a sense that I saw her often. I honestly can’t even say that I knew her that well. She was, and still is, dear to me because she touched my heart in a profound way. I spent half of a day photographing her, her husband, and their son back in 2014. That day will forever be in my heart for so many reasons: I learned that sometimes, the bigger the pancake, the better. I learned that we should all actively strive for grace. And it reinforced my belief: that sometimes, it’s the moments in between the big ones that matter. Her passing has pushed me over my fear of following my heart.

While I’ve been working toward this goal behind the scenes for a while now, I am now officially offering a new kind of photography session similar to the one with Jill’s family. A documentary take on YOUR family life. A whole day. A half-day. Think photojournalism meets family. Think of all the little things you notice with your kids in your day, in your home, in your routine that you want to remember. That you want your kids to remember: The way you brush their hair. The way they greet you in the morning. The food oh-so-lovingly thrown on the floor. The way the older one reads to the younger one. The way they wrestle on the couch. The stack of books that are seemingly always *beside* the bookshelf. The way the cleats pile up on the floor moments after they return home.


My girls are still quite young, but I know that years from now, when the surfaces are once again clean, when I’m putting their mail aside for when they come home to visit, when they go on a trip with their friends and forget to call, I’ll be looking for these memories. Here is my genuine nudge to you – think about how you want to remember these days.

If you are interested in a “day in the life” session, please contact me for more info. I’ll be updating the website in the weeks to come. I am offering a limited number of sessions at an introductory rate.

Here is the slideshow from my 1/2 day with Jill, Tim, and their sweet son. Tim, thank you for allowing me to (re)share your story. And to Jill, many thanks, my friend, for your grace, smile, and gentle push.

Let me paint a picture for you

Full disclosure: I will not be doing any actual painting. If      my mom were still around, she would tell you how, when I was little, I firmly believed that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. I loved painting and drawing any chance I got. She supplied me with the works: canvases, acrylic paint, oil pastels, water colors, colored pencils. My art box had everything I needed to create masterpieces. Alas, it was not meant to be (at least in the painting/drawing department).

Thank goodness there ARE people out there who can really create beautiful paintings. Holly Erickson is one such person. She approached me about an interesting collaboration after I shot her and Matt’s wedding in the summer of 2013. Her idea to work together was humbling. Her work is striking.

Have an image from one of our sessions that you just love? Want to do something really special and unique, something beyond sharing on your favorite social media? Holly can produce a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, oil painting made from that favorite image.

Holly works closely with you to create the painting, getting a sense for who the subject is and what you envision as your end product. She captures personality so well through her art. She hand stretches her canvases around the wood frame. Bottom line: she sees what I see in your daughter’s laughter, your son’s curious grin, your family’s joy. Her paintbrush is my lens.

From Holly: “It is an absolute privilege to work with Stephanie in this special and unique capacity. I have always admired her work and to collaborate with her is a dream. Through her lens, she captures the beauty and integrity that I am captivated by in humanity. I have an MFA and over 15 years of experience as an oil painter. Like Stephanie, my goal is to capture the presence and the emotion of the moment. I find that the texture, luminosity and freedom of the brushstrokes in these paintings often offers a new perspective to portraiture. I find so much joy in creating these paintings for families; working with parents, siblings, spouses and friends to immortalize their loved ones. These paintings are keepsakes that can be passed down from one generation to the next and it is a great honor to see the emotion that they can bring into another person’s life.”

If you have had a session with me in the past and have such an image in mind or if you have an upcoming session booked with me, please check out this new offering on my Pricing page. I’m oh-so-excited about seeing some of my clients’ images as oil paintings!

Stephanie Goryl Photography Website is LIVE!

Holy moly. Or, as my daughter says, holy schmoly. I feel like I’ve been *this* close to finishing up this website for at least 6 weeks and yet here I am launching it now. From creating a new logo and getting a better feel for my brand, to learning about widgets and plug-ins, here is what has been eating up my nights for longer than I care to admit! Thanks to my hubby for putting up with keyboard clicks while watching our favorite shows. Baby, you’re the best.

To my clients who so willingly and promptly returned releases for me to use images of them and their children for my portfolio – thank you! I am ever so humbled by your loyalty. I love looking at these images and remembering each shoot, each smile (and funny antics behind the smiles), each I-can’t-believe-s/he’s-getting-so-big. I have been so fortunate to have such great families to work with.

Please take a few moments to look through the site and let me know what you think!

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(just north of Boston)