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Family portrait session (Kendra, Glenn, & B) – Wellesley, MA

Kendra and Glenn’s alarm clock has collected a lot of dust since baby B arrived about a year ago and decided to be a morning person. But that seems to matter little to them as they are so adoring and loving of every little inch of him. And they are about to understand that even with all of that love, their hearts will somehow grow even bigger as baby #2 is due this fall and baby B will become a big brother. But for now, he couldn’t be happier swinging, crawling, and pushing his little red Radio Flyer.

Kendra and Glenn, thank you for sharing your morning with me and congrats on making it through the first year! Wishing you lots of hand-holding, snuggling, and child-proofing success in the coming weeks/months as you prepare for your new arrival.

Family portrait session (Ashley, Stefan, & W) – Wakefield, MA

One of the very best parts of being a family photographer is the ability to witness how much change and growth happens within a family. When I first met Ashley and Stefan a little over 2 years ago, they were happily strolling through the streets of Newburyport with much anticipation for their first baby’s arrival. Fast forward to present day, they have a book-loving, hugging, walking, talking 2-year-old with another little one on the way. Little W snuggled between his two parents for a story about dinosaurs and then it was off to the park, nestled in his soon-to-be-turned-around car seat. We had some chilly time to play around and then little W hit his wall and signaled that it was about time for a nap (see proof of said signal below with the cutest tear ever).

Ashley and Stefan, I love that you were compelled to document this time before your family grows! Wishing you all the best in these coming weeks.

Mini-documentary morning session (Sarah, Mike, & W) – South Boston, MA

So. Much. Effort. Have you ever watched how much effort little kids exert while trying to master a new skill or do something a parent can do with ease? It was apparent throughout this mini-documentary session with one special family of three, soon-to-be four. Throwing hoops, stretching out one of those tube/noise-maker thingys (what are those called, anyway?), jumping off the couch, riding his scooter, and blowing bubbles (it’s harder than you think for little ones) – so much energy was spent on these activities. You could see how proud he was after each attempt as well as the drive to try again.

From the giant wake-up smiles (what toddler wakes up that happy???), to the shirtless breakfast (because, syrup), from the helmet obsession to fun bubbles, little W lit up my morning. He’s going to be an awesome big brother; what a lucky little sister-to-be.

I just loved spending some quality time with you, Sarah and Mike! Thanks so much for taking a chance on a documentary session. What a simply perfect way to mark the end of your time in Southie. May the adventures ahead of you (new home, new baby, new job!) be filled with joy and discovery.

A birth story (Alyssa & Adam) – Newburyport, MA

I don’t even know where to begin. Do I tell you about how amazing my baby sister was? Do I tell you about how supportive my brother-in-law was? Do I tell you how honored I was to be able to witness the birth of my nephew? I could go on and on, honestly, and I would be gushing about it all. In short, my baby sister opted for no epidural (!) and went purely with nitrous oxide (hence the mask-thingy) throughout all 18 hours of labor. Can you say rock star? Adam never left her side (save for a tiny cat nap) and talked her down after each contraction. After all of that, a beautiful, nearly 9-pound baby boy was born, head FULL of hair. All of a sudden, there was more love in the world. Should you have a couple of minutes to catch a glimpse of the G-rated version of events, please check it out.

This is something I will *never* forget. While I have given birth two times before, having the wherewithal to take it in is a completely different story. Alyssa and Adam, thank you a million times over for trusting me to be there with you, camera in hand, to document the start of this new chapter. It may be the most challenging and most rewarding thing you’ll ever do.

[For anyone who cannot see the thumbnail below, click here.]

Maternity session (Alyssa & Adam) – Newburyport, MA

Go ahead, ask me. Just how excited am I for my baby sister to have a baby? WAY too excited. It must be something about her being the last of the four of us sisters to have a baby. Or maybe it’s because she’s one of the cutest pregnant ladies I’ve seen? Perhaps it’s because I’ll finally get to repay some of the babysitting she’s done for me over the years. Whatever the reason, I’m beyond excited for her and my brother-in-law to enter a new chapter of their life and become part of the parenthood world. They have done the reading; they are taking the classes; they (she) is journaling her pregnancy experience; and they couldn’t be more prepared for what is to come (though, are you ever really prepared?). And all of this is taking place while they are making their new house a home. Brave souls!

Alyssa and Adam, honestly, you two couldn’t be any cuter. And I can’t wait to meet your little nugget. Cannot wait. Thanks for letting me capture a bit of this time – it’s a time so full of anticipation, nervousness, and excitement all rolled into one. May you relish in the calm these last weeks before the little one’s arrival. Boy or girl, folks?

























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