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Mini-documentary session – York, ME

If the walls of this house could talk, it would speak of the two little girls who grew up there, their shared memories of running on the expansive lawn, the family gatherings, the original low ceiling in the kitchen, the beautiful piano music that echoed through the halls, the renovations that it endured, the families of birds that were lovingly fed by the multiple feeders outside, the abundance of flowers that have been nurtured over the years, and the two parents who cared so well for the house and those that resided within it. Before they close the door on this house (it’s on the market!), they wanted to capture some memories of a morning there with the whole family. Then, to add in some more fun, we went to the older daughter’s house just one street away where all the cousins were able to entertain themselves with whatever they could find for fun: pick blueberries, swing on the swings, mountain bike on a custom-made trail, explore the log cabin fort, and oh yeah, play in the pool, too!

While this family is closing the chapter on their time in this amazing house, their adventures carry on. Marty and Bill, congratulations on a job well done of taking such good care of this well-loved, well-lived-in home. And even more than that, congrats on such an amazing, happy, and beautiful family.

Trimming the tree documentary session (Rebecca, Owen, H, & M) – Southborough, MA

The Christmas music was playing, the tree was standing there twinkling, ready to be decorated, and the kids were chomping at the bit. Big brother was excited to rediscover the ornament treasures he remembered from years past: the one with his handprint when he was a baby, the one he made in kindergarten. Little brother, in that loving little-brother-way, insisted that his R2-D2 nestle *right* next to the BB-8 belonging to his big brother. Afterwards, they celebrated with a little hot chocolate and marshmallows (maybe more marshmallows than hot chocolate). Oh, and a little bit of whipped cream…right…down…the…hatch! The afternoon was topped off with a little piano serenade and some fun family photos.

Rebecca and Owen – I LOVED photographing this moment for you all. It will change, year to year: who puts the star on top, who finds that ornament from that certain trip, the photo ornaments of loved ones as they look younger and younger in the images, and the stories told of the one(s) that were broken and glued back together. I’m thrilled that you have these images that will take you back to this time and space, year after year.

Mini-documentary session (Alyssa, Adam, & S) – Newburyport, MA

Warning: Shameless gushing over my littlest nephew ahead.

I can’t stand it; he melts my heart. The way he seems to smile constantly. And the *way* he smiles, like there’s unbounded love and joy in his heart (except for when he’s getting a new diaper or getting dressed). He’s just *too* adorable for words. Am I right? My littlest nephew turned one a couple of weeks ago and he’s a love. I’ve known this little guy since minute one and he continues to find a way to make my heart grow.

Alyssa and Adam, congrats on surviving the first year! May you notice his “lasts” as much as his “firsts.” May you hold back the tears when you realize he’s outgrown the “baby section” of the clothes store. May you have good baby-proofing abilities. May you never wake up one morning and realize you don’t have coffee in the house. May you always remember the way he looks at you right now – with that melt-your-heart-smile.


Mini-documentary morning session (Sarah, Mike, & W) – South Boston, MA

So. Much. Effort. Have you ever watched how much effort little kids exert while trying to master a new skill or do something a parent can do with ease? It was apparent throughout this mini-documentary session with one special family of three, soon-to-be four. Throwing hoops, stretching out one of those tube/noise-maker thingys (what are those called, anyway?), jumping off the couch, riding his scooter, and blowing bubbles (it’s harder than you think for little ones) – so much energy was spent on these activities. You could see how proud he was after each attempt as well as the drive to try again.

From the giant wake-up smiles (what toddler wakes up that happy???), to the shirtless breakfast (because, syrup), from the helmet obsession to fun bubbles, little W lit up my morning. He’s going to be an awesome big brother; what a lucky little sister-to-be.

I just loved spending some quality time with you, Sarah and Mike! Thanks so much for taking a chance on a documentary session. What a simply perfect way to mark the end of your time in Southie. May the adventures ahead of you (new home, new baby, new job!) be filled with joy and discovery.

Day in the Life (Amy, Aaron, C, & J) – Rye, NH

Little J wakes up and goes in for a snuggle while he clears the cobwebs. His legs are dotted with mosquito bites and the kind of bruises you get when you’re climbing and running everywhere – a sure sign of some good summer fun. While he and his mom play a bit, dad works on breakfast. And slowly, but surely, sweet C wakes up to start her day with hair in her pretty face and a spirit that would make anyone smile. As with most Saturday mornings, they head to the local farmers’ market and bend the rules a bit to splurge on a frozen treat (in the morning!) to cool them off on this toasty summer day. The day’s fun is just beginning as they will also visit the playground and head to the beach in the afternoon.

I can say with all honesty that I’ve never seen anyone try to build a sandcastle while the tide is coming in and waves are actually splashing on said castle. C kept adding more and more sand with such fervor that I couldn’t help but wish the tide would retreat just for her. Her dad was her strongest supporter, supplying the sand as fast as it was being washed away. This is perseverance.

I couldn’t feel more humbled being there to witness this day with this family – in its entirety. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Amy and Aaron. I thoroughly enjoyed documenting your beautiful family.

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